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Advancements in the Telecommunications Field and Copper Wire

Modern telecommunication devices could not work as well without the help of beryllium copper wire. Currently, it is being used by manufactures in the industry in everything from equipment, to computers and smart phones. Although must people do not know about this type of wire and its special characteristics, people use it every days as a means to keep in touch with the world.

Beryllium copper that is built into fiber optic cables helps to connect continents. Cables are placed on the ocean floor and this allows people to connect and function flawlessly. Even after being used for decades this sort of wire will hold up against corrosive sea water and high pressure. Over time, the wire will show few signs of  deterioration.

On a more personal note, these same wires help to connect devices like phones with their batteries. The contacts of batteries and the connectors in the phone are made with beryllium copper alloys. The alloy is durable, it is light (which saves weight), and it has extremely high electrical conductivity.

Beryllium copper has also helped to miniaturize functions. As a result of high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance, phones can be built to do multiple things. For instance, before 2006, phones and MP3 players were sold separately. Because of special wires, a phone is able to have a camera, gps, and an MP3 player all in one devices.

These wires have high processing speeds and better performance when working with the telecommunication industry. Multiple different copper alloys are available for purchase, such as zirconium copper wire, but each has vastly different characteristic. If you are in the telecommunications field, consider using beryllium copper wire.

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