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Alloys for Different Industries

There are many different types of beryllium copper that are available, and each different alloy serves a different function. Different beryllium copper alloys are used in demanding industries like automotive, gas drilling, and electronics.  The alloy is widely used as a result of it improved reliability, increased electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. The alloy also allows for the miniaturization of parts and components.

If you do not know the proper alloy for your desired job, it is important to speak with a producer or beryllium copper wire. Alloy 25, which can be heat treatable, is an age-hardened alloy. It is the alloy with the highest strength of any copper based alloy. The alloy is age hardened after being formed into intricate shapes like springs. It has superb qualities for springs and it does withstand corrosion at high rates.

Alloy 10 differs from alloy 25 in that it has a much high electrical conductivity. The alloy is used to also create springs and wires, but these springs focus on electrical conductivity and elevated temperatures.

Acquiring the wire or plated wire will ensure that desired function can work flawlessly. If confused, speak with a creator of different types of beryllium copper wire.

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