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Application Benefits of Beryllium Copper

The application and usage of beryllium copper wire is extensive to say the least. You can find the alloy being used in heavy-duty industrial applications as well as in the home. The alloy has high strengthens, good electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, and these are just some of the reasons the alloy is used so frequently. Two main types of this alloy exist, and knowing the distinction between the two is important: there is high strength (cast form) and high conductivity (contains high levels of cobalt and nickel). A high strength alloy will have a higher concentration of beryllium: up to almost 3%.

The only way to create the high strength alloy is through aged hardening. This process takes more time, and this is one reason why this particular alloy is more expensive. The strength is just one of the many boons this alloy offers, and the rest of the article will be dedicated to discussing some of its other strong points.

Beryllium copper wire is great for injection molding and making molds. The alloy is strong and has high thermal conductivity. The alloy holds is shapes, but at the same time transfers more heat to the plastic that is being molded. The alloy can substantially cut down time and energy costs.

The alloy is also easily able to withstand corrosion, meaning that it has a very high corrosion resistance. The copper in the alloy resists the different acids that are responsible for corrosion (like carbonic acid and hydrochloric acid).

Beryllium copper is ready for machining. The alloy can help to reduce machining time by up to twenty-five percent. This can be eaisly seen when comparing to steel.

Another great benefit of this alloy is its ability to be welded and repaired. When welding, strength is not lost. Usually for repairs like this, different inert gases (Tungsten and metal) will be used to help the process.

It is possible to enhance beryllium copper wire with different surface treatments. Different treatments can decrease wear and tear, while also increasing corrosion resistance. There is also the possibility of improving particular parts.

The benefits of this alloy are numerous, and again, this is why you can find the alloy in most places. Whether aware of it or not, chances are a person encounters this alloy multiple times throughout any given day. To find out more about beryllium copper wires, contact a local distributor.

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