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Application of Beryllium Copper Wire

Beryllium copper alloys are versatile, and as such they have many different applications. You can find the alloy being used in the automotive industry. This is also the case for oil drilling and undersea welding. It is widely used in industrial and commercial applications.

The product is used because of the different benefits of provides. For instance, modern electronics are made with these alloys because they enhance functions and improve reliability. Beryllium copper wire can be miniaturized, which makes it perfect for small surfaces and casings. One other benefit that is offered to the electronic industry is the alloy's high electrical conductivity.

Different forms of the alloy exist, which allows the product to be as versatile as possible. The two main forms are high strength alloys and high conductivity alloys. Each type can be made into wires, tubes, bars, and rod. Knowing what you are using the alloy for will allow you to determine the specific alloy needed.

Different numbers distinguishes the different types of alloys. For instance, there is alloy 25, alloy M25, alloy 165, and alloy 390. Each number/lettered alloy has slightly different properties than the other. Alloy 25 has the strongest of any other copper beryllium alloy. It also has a considerably high electrical conductivity rate.

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