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Being Safe With Beryllium Copper Wire

The strength and high conductivity that is provided by beryllium copper does come with drawbacks. When working with beryllium, it is important to know about the health and safety requirements. Knowing this will allow individuals to be safe while around beryllium copper alloys.

There a no toxic properties of beryllium copper in a solid form, like beryllium copper wire. Those who receive cuts or scratches from the alloy can use traditional first aid on the wound. Using the alloy in non-hazardous operations such as, cleaning, plating, and general assembly, are generally safe as long as there is proper ventilation.

Beryllium copper becomes a health hazard when in dust or fume form. Any respirable particles that range in size from .5 to .7 microns are considered dangerous for health. Inhaling the dust or fumes can lead to pulmonary illness, but the percentage rate is small. The real health risks become apparent when the dust or fumes are breathed regularly. 

There are certain operations that make beryllium copper wire hazardous. Grinding, abrading, polishing, spark erosion, and even electro-chemical machining can cause airborne contamination. These operations need strong monitoring of air to ensure safety is met.

When working in industrial settings it is important to be safe.

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