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Beryllium Copper Alloys

Beryllium Copper Alloys

Beryllium copper combines between 0.5-3% of beryllium with a copper alloy. Sometimes it can also be referred too as spring copper or copper beryllium. Beryllium copper is not magnetic and does not spark at all. It is extremely strong too. Not all beryllium copper is the same because sometimes other alloys can be added. Alloy 25 is amongst the strongest base alloys available. Alloy 25 is considered tempered beryllium copper.

There are several factors that can be attributed to this high strength. One of the main reasons is that the alloy is age hardened. This hardening process is possible after the alloy is formed into intricate shapes and complex forms. Once hardened, it maintains amazing spring properties, while also remaining resistant to corrosion. Enhanced stability, low creep, and better conductivity are possible as well. The only time that more heat is applied to an alloy that has been cold drawn is to relieve minimal amounts of stress. Even though this alloy is extremely strong, it is still ductile enough to be shaped.

Most beryllium copper alloys that are made to be high strength will have roughly 2.6% of cast beryllium or 2% wrought cobalt. Either age hardening or precipitation hardening makes the alloys. For injection molding industries, they will mostly use cast beryllium.

You will find these heavy-duty alloys being used in many different fields. This includes: oil refineries, aerospace gear, and robotic welding. The three above industries have to deal with electricity, and so the alloys neutralize issues of sparking and magnetism. You will find these alloys on down-hole drilling tools.

The alloy comes in different shapes, including: strip, rod, wire, tube, or sheet.

It is important to remember that there aren't only pros when it comes to beryllium copper. There are health and safety concerns when working with this substance. When melting, machining or welding beryllium, you must be extremely careful. This is because beryllium, when in a finely divided form, can result in severe lung issues for individuals who breathe it in. High-performance air-filtrations masks should be worn, as well as goggles to protect the eyes. Once beryllium is in a hardened state there is nothing to worry about because it becomes harmless. Final products of alloys are always safe to touch and work with.

High strength beryllium copper alloys boast many boons. Call a local manufacture today to find out more about getting the perfect alloys for you.

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