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Beryllium Copper Wire: different Shapes and Sizes

When looking for a product with many diverse attributes, there is nothing else to consider besides beryllium copper wire. Round wires:

One of the most common types of wire is called a rod. Rod wires are straightened and cut to length. The boons that beryllium copper wire provides allow for the wire to be shaped, which is incredibly important for certain special applications. For instance, retractable antennas are almost always made with flat wire.  Flat wire is used in order to eliminate slitting burrs.

Another shape for wires is squared. You will mostly see this shape when electronic contact points must be made. The wire is wrapped around the sharp corners, which helps to guarantee a strong, consistent contact. If the job requires it, squared wire can be beveled to help with orientation.

Not only is wire sold in different shapes, but also in different diameters. Standard beryllium copper wire is made in diameters ranges from a high of 0.5 inches to a low of 0.05 inches. This does not mean that special orders cannot be placed. When working with a beryllium copper wire manufacture, you are able to get both smaller and larger wire diameter.

After production, all wires are heated and cooled slowly in order to strengthen the final product. The annealing process is being done to make the wire quarter hard, half hard, or full hard. There is also the option for preharderned/pretempered wire.

The strength level is dependent upon the application that is being preformed. Before purchasing a particular strength, speak with a professional in the beryllium copper industry, so you can get all the facts and the best possible product.

Beryllium copper is used because it is strong, while also being non-magnetic and non-sparking. This makes the alloy perfect for any industry that does work with metal. It is the safest option on the market. Beryllium copper is used throughout the forming and machining industries. This includes the music industry (instruments) and aerospace industry.

Considering the fact that each industry and business is not the same, different wires are needed for each specific job. To get a full breakdown of products and how they work, reach out to a beryllium copper wire manufacture. They can help you work through your needs, so that you purchase the best possible wire.

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