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Beryllium Copper Wire is Safe

Although it is typically called beryllium copper, it can also be called copper beryllium, spring copper, or beryllium bronze. Regardless of what you call it, beryllium copper is a versatile and widely used metal-alloy. Normally, the final product is a mix of copper alloy and roughly 3% beryllium (between .5 and 3%). It is a strong, non-magnetic, and does not spark. This is why the product is used extensively in the metalworking, forming, and machining industries.

It is also used for creating:

Despite the quality and characteristics of beryllium, it is important to note the toxicity or the final beryllium copper wire. As a finished and solid piece, there are no known health hazards for humans or animals. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and the National Toxicology Program both rate beryllium as a Group 1 Human Carcinogen. The only way that beryllium copper wire becomes toxic is if it is inhaled as dust, mist, or fume. If inhaling copper beryllium, it can lead to lung conditions like chronic beryllium disease

Trusting professionals to make beryllium copper wire is the best way to stay safe and know that your alloy is not making you sick. Avoid damaging the alloy as well.

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