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Best and Worst Metals for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies use a vast array of different metals, and this is because different metals have different properties. Knowing the specific characteristics of metals or metal alloys allows users to create better end products. Although there are commonly used metals in the manufacturing industry, it does not mean that each metal can be used interchangeably.  The most common metals are:

Aluminum is used mostly in transportation, construction, and packaging. This is the case because the metal is soft, durable, and ductile. When compared to other metals, it has high thermal conductivity. One of the best aspects of aluminum is that it is easily recyclable (100% of it). It is important to note that this metal is not strong and it is expensive.

Bronze is used when making springs, bushings, bearings, and electric motors. Bronze, when combined with other metals, is harder than copper. It can also withstand high levels of corrosion, as well as metal fatigue. In most cases, bronze is a better choice than steel; however, bronze is usually more expensive than steel.

Nickel is often used to make alnico magnets, coins, batteries, guitar strings, and much more. This metal has an extremely low rate of oxidations (at room temperature) and a rather high melting point. The major downside to this metal is that some individuals showcase mild signs of fermatits when handling the material.

Pick your metals appropriately. If you need more information on different metal wires, like beryllium copper wire or phosphor bronze wire, give us a call today!

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