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Corner Radius and Diagonal: Trusting Professionals for your Important Calculations

Calculating the diagonal of square wire is not difficult if you go slow and follow the proper formulas. Simply put, the diagonal of a square is the length that stretches from one corner to the opposite corner (not the adjacent corner). It is essential to know that in certain cases, the diagonal can be found using different values: finding the perimeter or area of a square can work as well. Each method requires different equations to calculate the diagonal of the square.

Finding the precise measurements will ensure that final products work properly. If beryllium copper wire is not built to the proper measurements, it could have adverse effects on the final product. Plated wire needs to be made to exact specifications.

Calculating the diagonal of square wires are different from working with flat cables. The same mathematical formulas will not applicable for both. For those who work in the industry, these calculations are not complicated to make (given the proper information before hand). At LFA Wire we can contribute to making all the necessary calculations to ensure that your final products work properly. Don't work about the diagonal radius of your phosphor bronze wire because at LFA wire we make sure you get the proper wires.

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