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Different Products

Copper is an incredibly popular metal in the manufacturing sector. Its machinability, durability, conductivity, and strength has made it an excellent material for myriad of different products. Additionally, copper can be mixed with other metals and materials, in order to form specific alloys. One of the strongest copper based alloys on the market is beryllium copper. Beryllium copper is also known as spring copper, and comes in varying commercial grades. Typically, spring copper contains approximately 0.4 to 2.0 percent of beryllium. This allows the alloy to have a strength rating that is on par with most steel alloys.

Beryllium copper comes in many different forms, as it is used in a variation of different products. The highest strength alloy is C17200, which also is known to have a moderate conductivity rating.   C17500 has a more moderate strength and a higher conductivity.  These alloys are primarily used in applications that require thermal conductivity, and resistance to stress relaxation.

As a result of beryllium coppers assortment of alloys, it can be used in many custom designed applications, ranging from the oil and gas industry to air and space manufacturing.   Beryllium copper is non-magnetic, which makes it ideal for many aggressive industries that need to operate both safely, and efficiently.  For instance, down-hole wire line tools are typically designed out of beryllium copper alloys.

This alloy has a wide ranger of products, because of the alloy’s ability to have meet many demanding requirements.  In the oil and gas equipment industry, equipment has to meet the demands of offshore exploration, drilling, and refinery.  In the electronics manufacturing industry, todays electronics would be impossible to create without copper beryllium, The alloy ensures greater reliability, enhanced function, miniaturization of components, and increased thermal and electrical conductivity.
There are many different forms that copper beryllium is created in, and most forms are designed to meet specific applications.  Copper beryllium is designed in rod, bar, beryllium copper wire, tube, plate, string and other distinct shapes.  These products fall into two different categories: High strength alloy or high conductivity alloy.

If you are interested in learning more about copper beryllium, or feel that it would be an adequate material for an application, it is always best to contact a local professional in the field of beryllium copper wire and alloys. An expert’s consultation can help you choose an alloy that is safe and efficient for a specific usage.

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