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Different Uses for Beryllium Copper Alloys

Beryllium copper alloys are used in many different industries because they are strong and have great electrical and thermal conductivity. There are many boons that beryllium can boast about, such are it being non-ferrous and non-sparking.

You can find these materials in springs, load cells, and in other things that must maintain a shape after being bent and manipulated. Rather often you will find beryllium copper being used to make tools to be used in dangerous environments (this includes oil rigs and coal mines). The reason beryllium is used is because it is non-magnetic and is non-sparking. This helps users of the tools remain safe. If a spark were to occur in the wrong place it could mean devastating results to life, property, and business. Using beryllium copper wire is just one way to make sure those spark doesn’t happen. According to ATEX directives, Beryllium copper is okay for use in environment zones 0, 1, and 2. You can find tools such as, screwdrivers, cold chisels, hammers, and spanners. If beryllium copper isn't being used to create the tools then chances are it is made from aluminum bronze instead. It is true that beryllium copper tools aren't as strong or durable as tools made from steel. If you were to compare the two there would be many differences, and steel would be best in most cases. If you know you are working in a dangerous environment then there really aren’t better tools to have then ones made from beryllium copper.

Besides in tooling, beryllium copper wire is used to create high quality, professional musical instruments (within the percussion family). Traditionally, tambourines and triangles are made from this alloy. The reason is because it provides clear tones and has the ability to sustain notes. Today, beryllium copper is used to create world-class instruments.

You can also find this alloy being used in cryogenics (ultra-low temperature equipment). A prime example would be a dilution refrigerator. It is used in this industry because the copper has extremely high thermal conductivity in low-temperature ranges.

There are two important classifications within beryllium copper: high conductivity alloys and high strength alloys. High strength alloys have between 1.6 and 2.7% beryllium and about .3% of cobalt. On the other side, high conductivity alloys have less beryllium (usually between .2 and .7%). These alloys contain high levels of nickel and cobalt. Both types of alloys are used for different applications.
Beryllium copper alloys have many applications and can be found in a great deal of products.

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