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Examples of different applications

As a result of beryllium copper being strong and durable, it is used in many different industrial applications. For instance:

Beryllium copper wire is used in the wire EDM industry. Copper is the standards for the industries because there is no issue with polarity. The metal alloy also has no electrode wear. It also boasts high electrical and thermal conductivity. Beryllium copper wire is actually considered on of the more versatile beryllium copper products. The wire is used to create spring loaded test probes, eyeglass frames, braided shielding cloth, and long travel coil springs. The wire is also available with different cross section besides round.

Another application of copper alloy is for tooling because the advantages it provides mold designers and injection molders. The main reason for these advantages is the thermal conductivity of copper alloys. The thermal conductivity helps with cycle times and part quality. For instance, Whirlpool Corp. has recently begun to use beryllium copper mold components to replace old stainless steel. This helps the front control bezel be more straight and flat.

The ductile, machineable, and weldable alloy is frequently used for many purposes, such as the two above. It is able to retain the shape despite strain and stress. It has low electrical conductivity, and so it can be used for batteries and electrical connectors. It is non-sparking and it is nonmagnetic.This is why it is used on oilrigs and in coals mines. Under those circumstances it is not only strong but also safe.

Above, are only some of the reasons to consider beryllium copper wire.


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