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FAQ: Zirconium

There are many common question the come up when discussing zirconium. Below we have organized a list of questions and answers that are frequently asked and answered.

Question: What is the atomic number of zirconium?
Answer: 40

Question: What is the element’s atomic symbol?
Answer: Zr

Question: What is the difference between beryllium copper wire and zirconium copper wire?
Answer: Zirconium Copper wire has a higher softening temperature, and it is ideal for welding.

Question: What is the number of natural isotopes found in zirconium?
Answer: There are five natural isotopes. An additional twenty artificial isotopes can be created in a lab.

Question: How much zirconium is produced annually?
Answer: There are about 7,000 tons of zirconium produced annually.

Question: Is there any zirconium found in the body naturally?
Answer: There is not much zirconium present in the body. The human body is made up of less than one percent of zirconium.

Question: What is zirconium powder?
Answer: Zirconium powder can spontaneously ignite in air. This ability makes the powder a great asset for explosive devices.

Question: Is zirconium powder dangerous?
Answer: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns that zirconium powder can be dangerous. Short-term exposure to the element can lead to eye irritation. When exposed to the element long-term or repeatedly, your lungs can be damaged.

Question: What applications use zirconium?
Answer: Zirconium is very popular with hip prosthetics. The element is highly prevalent in the medical and biology field. Additionally, zirconium is widely used in dental restoration.

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