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Flat and Round Wire

When deciding to use wire, there are two types to consider. There is a flat wire cable or a round wire cable. There are various differences found in both of these wires.

Round wires consist of insulated wires in a bundle. Multiple layers of other material cover these insulated wires. This material is usually a textile material or polymer. The material is specifically chosen to minimize friction heating as the cables move.

PVC covers all of these layers, which is a widely used plastic that’s become a common replacement for metal piping. Shielded cases come with an additional set of layers. These layers usually consist of a low-fiction wrap, braided copper, an overall jacket of PVC, or another selected material for abrasion resistance. Some of these additional layers can also be beryllium copper wire, plated wire, or phosphor bronze wire.

Flat wires are constructed differently than their round counterparts. These types of wires do not require low-friction tapes or fillers because they do not move within the outer jacket. Flat wires provide more flexibility than round ones.

Flat wires offer plenty of heat dissipation because of the abundance of surface area for a given volume. The larger surface area lets flat cables carry a higher current level for a given temperature rise and for conductors of a given cross section. In addition, the conductors in flat wires have a fixed geometry that makes for consistent and non-varying electrical qualities.

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