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Frequently used Words and Phrases for the Wire Industry

Having a detailed conversation about plated wire and beryllium copper wire is difficult unless you are trained and work in the industry. When shopping, it is best to at least have a basic understanding of general terms that are commonly used. We have compiled a list of general words and terms used in the wire industry. Hopefully, with this little glossary, you will be able to navigate this website better.

Aging (precipitation hardening or age hardening)- This is a condition that is only achievable with heat treatment. The purpose of the treatment is to enhance mechanical properties. This includes tensile strength and hardness. Aging processes are performed on finished parts.

Annealing/Annealed - This is almost the opposite of aging. Annealing softens final products with heat treatment.

Approximate Operating Temperatures- Depending on the design of the final product and the conditions it operates in, different approximate temperatures are required. You want to make sure that the operating temperature is met and stays consistent.

Coated- to aid in cooling, a wire is coated with a dry lubricant.

Cold Drawn- This is a type of manufacturing where thick, cross-sectional areas are reduced without using heat.

Hot Rolled Rod- This is another method of manufacturing. Unlike cold drawn, cross-sectional areas are reduced while materials are still hot. This leaves a less polished and smooth surface; however, it has a higher ovality when compared to cold drawn wire.

Above is only a small list of common terms used in the wire plating industry. The more you learn, the easier it will be to get the perfect beryllium copper wire.

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