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Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor bronze is a copper alloy that has between 3.5% and 10% tin mixed with significant phosphorus content. Phosphor is used as an agent that deoxidized during melting. Characteristic of this alloy are toughness, fine grain, high strength, and a low coefficient of friction. The alloy is also able to improve the fluidity of molten metals, which helps with castability.

The alloy can be found in many different places, such as musical instruments, but it is most commonly used within industrial industries. It is used to make sprigs and bolts, as well as a multitude of items that need to resist fatigue and withstand chemical corrosion. The material can be found in a ship's propeller and in some dental bridges.

The alloy comes in different grades, and grades A, C, and E are used to create nonferrous spring alloys. This is because phosphorus bronze combines strong physical properties and fair electrical conductivity. It is desirable as a spring alloy also because of the ability to make phosphor bronze wire round, square, and flat. Phosphor bronze wire can be customized to ensure proper functioning of devices. Reaching out to specialized wire companies will ensure you get the proper alloy for your desired operations.

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