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Plated Wire
Beryllium Copper, Beryllium Copper Wire
Phosphor Bronze Wire
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Heat Treatable, Alloy 25 (C17200 and C17300)
Tempered, Alloy 25 (C17200)
Heat Treatable and Tempered
Phosphor Bronze, C51000 Grade A
Phosphor Bronze C52100 Grade C
Phosphor Bronze, C50700 Grade E
Nickel Wire, Copper Nickel, Copper Nickel Tin, Nickel Silver
Nickel 205 Grade A
C71000, 80-20 COPPER NICKEL
C72500, Copper-Nickel-Tin...
10% Nickel Silver C74500 Alloy E
18% Nickel Silver C76400 Alloy B-1
Brass Wire
90-10 Brass Alloy, C22000
85-15 Red Brass, C23000
70/30 Brass, C26000, Brass Wire
Copper Wire, Zirconium Copper Wire
Copper, Oxygen Free High Conductivity C10200
Copper With Silver C10700, Oxygen Free
Copper, C11000, ETP
Zirconium Copper Wire, Zirconium Chromium Wire
Cadmium Chromium Copper C18135, PD-135
Material specifications
Metric Equivalents
Flat Wire
Round and square Wire Weight and Footage Table
How to Calculate Corner Radius & Diagonal
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Heat Treatable (C17410)
Beryllium Copper
Heat Treating Beryllium Copper Wire
Physical Properties of Beryllium Copper
The Powers of Copper Wiring
Beryllium Copper Alloys
Different Products
Fun Facts about Copper
Wrought Alloys and Wrought Products
The Many Benefits of Beryllium
Beryllium Copper Wire: different Shapes and Sizes
Application Benefits of Beryllium Copper
Different Uses for Beryllium Copper Alloys
Examples of different applications
Explaining Phosphor Bronze
How does Wire Drawing Work?
Being Safe With Beryllium Copper Wire
Phosphor Bronze
Alloys for Different Industries
Common usage for Nickel Wire
Using Copper Wires and Copper Alloys
Understanding Electroplating
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