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Tinned Copper Wire

More and more, industries are beginning to use tinned copper wire instead of bare copper wire. Why is this the case? Does tinned copper have characteristics that make it more desirable than its counterparts? To better understand the difference, we first must know what bare copper wire is.

First and foremost, copper is an excellent choice for metal when dealing with any electrical engineering applications. Copper can be found in automobiles, cables carrying electricity to city light, and personal electronics. Copper is almost as conductive as silver but costs nearly half of the price of silver. It also boasts a high tensile strength and easy ability to be machined.

One of the biggest problems with copper is that it suffers from natural corrosion, and this is especially the case when dealing with outside elements like air and water. Adding tin to copper protects it from degradation, and so now copper can be used in more places to accomplish more applications. Tin also helps to prolong the life of the wire.

Tinned copper is used to build and operate:

If you need cables the function well in humid areas, tinned copper will be best for you. The added character benefits it adds to copper is well worth the investment.

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