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Using Phosphor Bronze for Industrial Purposes

A standard alloy of copper that is used because of its toughness, strength, and fine grain is phosphor bronze. To create the final alloy, tin and phosphorus are used.

0.5 - 11% Tin. This is used as a means to improve corrosion resistance while strengthening the final alloy

0.01 - 0.35% Phosphorus. The added phosphorus helps to increase the resistance of wear-and-tear, while also adding stiffness to the alloy.

By combining both tin and phosphorus, phosphor bronze reduces the viscosity of the molten alloy, which ultimately reduces the grain boundaries that are created between crystallites

Although there are many practical uses for this material, it is best suited for industrial purposes. Whether as a sheet metal or a plated wire, the metal alloy is used when fatigue resistance and low corrosion rates are needed. The most common usage is for a ship's propellers, which are used in marine environments

The alloy comes in different grades and types, and know the difference between each is important. Reaching out to professionals in the industry that create phosphor bronze wire and pleated wire are your best for getting the perfect metal alloy for your application. Making the wrong decision only wastes time and money.

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