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Using Plated Wires for more than just Jewelry

When shopping for jewelry, it is easy to come across pieces that are not made entirely out of gold, silver, and bronze. This technique allows for metals to take on unique properties as well as an excellent aesthetic look. Not only do jewelers use this method, so do many different industries like aerospace, medical, and electronics. Being able to plate wire with various metals makes the cables versatile.

The earliest use of wire cables in the aeronautics industry can be traced back to the Wright brothers and their use of wire to build the structure of their planes. Since then, wires have been integrated into all electronic devices. Plated wire cables help:

Plated wire is also used in the medical industry for a broad range of different applications ranging from big to small. This can be seen in devices used for neural stimulation as well as for implants (personal defibrillators). They are also used for:

Depending on your specific needs. Wires can be cover in other materials to enhance the characteristics and essential functions. If you require more information on how plated wires can help your business, don't hesitate to reach out for more information.

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