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What are Non-Ferrous Metals?

All non-ferrous metals are created with different alloys, without containing appreciable amounts of iron ferrite. The specialization that is required to create these metals tends to make them more expensive than their ferrous counterparts. Non-ferrous metals are consistently used for their ability to conduct, to be non-magnetic, to be corrosion resistance, and to be lightweight. Different types of non-ferrous metals will be able to perform different applications.

Two of the most commonly used non-ferrous metals are bronze and copper. Normally, bronze is mixed with an alloy of phosphor, which makes phosphor bronze. This type of alloy has high electrical conductivity, while maintaining strong spring properties. Although the material is sometimes used to make springs, it cannot be bent or heat-treated.

Copper is normally combined with beryllium, which will make beryllium copper. This type of alloy is arguably the strongest of all the non-ferrous metals available. It is closely associated with steel in regards to strength. Not only is it strong, but also it conducts electricity 3-4 times greater than the conductivity of phosphor bronze.

Both phosphor bronze and beryllium copper come in different alloy numbers and grades. Each alloy and grade creates a specific set of properties that the non-ferrous metal takes on.

Whether looking for beryllium copper wire or phosphors bronze wire, reach out to a professional for more clarification when purchasing non-ferrous metals.

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