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Wrought Alloys and Wrought Products

Metal alloys are primarily created in two different ways and are subsequently grouped into two different categories: wrought alloys or cast alloys. All alloys that have been worked by forging or hammering are considered to be wrought alloys. Wrought alloys are initially fashioned as ingots or billets, and are worked mechanically to achieve a desired form. Beryllium copper is a wrought alloy that is designed to be durable and strong and is available in a variety of different product forms.

There is myriad of wrought brush alloys that vary in strength, machinability, and durability. Below are some examples of wrought beryllium alloy:

Alloy 25: Brush Alloy 25 is the most widely used form of beryllium copper. It is used in different wrought products because it is the strongest and hardest copper alloy base. Its tensile strength can exceed 200Ksi, and it is measured on the Rockwell hardness scale as c45. Alloy 25 shows the highest resistance to high levels of stress relaxation, at a variety of higher temperatures.

Alloy 190: Brush Alloy 190 is a hardened strip-product alloy. This strip is matured to a specific strength rating before it is sold on the market. Alloy 190 is related to Alloy 25 in composition, but it has a lower tensile strength and is rated lower on the Rockwell hardness scale; therefore, this alloy is ideal for business looking to be more cost effective.

Alloy 165: Alloy 165 has a lower concentration of beryllium that Alloy 25 and Alloy 90. As a result, this allow has lower strength and is sold at a much lower price. Alloy 165 can be used in place of Alloy 25 in applications that do not require as much strength or formability.  Every alloy is available in a wide variety of products and forms.

Strip: Strip products are flat-rolled, and typically no more than .2 inches in thickness.

Wire: Beryllium copper wire is a popular product that is sold in wound coils, spools, reels, and rolls. Beryllium copper wire is abled to be cut to different lengths, or even manufactured in a straight design.

Flat Wire: Flat Beryllium copper wire is created without having been sheered, cut, or slit. This wire is commonly made in long lengths, or on wound spools.

If you are interested in learning more about beryllium copper wire, alloys, or wrought products, it is best to contact a local manufacturer in the area for more information.

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