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Beryllium Copper Wire


Beryllium Copper is our specialty. We have pioneered the use of this metal since its commercial inception and have led in its development and uses.

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Heat Treatable, Alloy 25 (C17200 and C17300)

Alloy 25 is an age hardening alloy which attains the highest strength of any copper-base alloy. It may be age hardened after forming into springs, intricate forms or complex shapes.

It has superb spring qualities, corrosion resistance and stability, as well as good conductivity and low creep

Tempered, Alloy 25 (C17200)

This tempered material has been age hardened and cold drawn in our mill. No further heat treatment is necessary except for a possible light stress relief. It is sufficiently ductile to wind on its own diameter and can be formed into springs and most shapes.

Tempered wire is most useful where the properties of Beryllium Copper are desired, but age hardening of finished parts is not practical.

Heat Treatable (C17410)
or Mill Hardened

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Heat Treatable and Tempered
Alloy 10 (C17500)
Alloy 3 (C17510)

10 Alloy Beryllium Copper is an age hardenable copper base alloy which provides excellent electric conductivity in combination with good physical properties and endurance strength. Provided in either the age hardenable condition or as tempered wire.

It is used in springs and wire forms which are electrical conductors or where retention of properties at elevated temperatures is important.

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